Actions To Take if Your Roof is Leaking



Your roof has a job to do; Keep you warm and dry.  If your roof isn’t doing the job once the rain begins, you will deal with water dripping into your home.  If you are having this issue, it is important you find the treatment immediately.  Here are some DIY remedy’s, but please be aware that eventually the problems will grow larger.  


Tarping the Roof

The first thing most homeowners due when experiencing a leak is to put tarp on the roof during a storm. This will be like a band-aid over a cut, but unfortunately it doesn’t heal the wound. It will temporarily stop more rain from coming in until consulting a professional, but it should never be considered a permanent solution.  

Poke a Hole

If your roof is currently leaking, the first thing you want to do is attempt to minimize your ceiling damage. Wherever you notice the biggest bulge or wettest spot on the ceiling, you want to poke a small hole in the middle to drain and air out the area. Keep in mind the damp drywall will never safely dry out, instead it will start to form mold and mildew. 

Consult a Professional 

Unfortunately, no matter what DIY treatment you pursue you will need to consult with a professional when experiencing a roof leak. It is extremely important to take proper action sooner rather than later to avoid more expensive damages. A professional will give you the immediate service needed, and if you need to wait a while for your ceiling to be fixed that can come secondary to the immediate need of servicing your roof leak. 

NCE Homes can help you understand on the best options. We will consult you on all of your options and detect a solution that keeps you and your family safe in your home.  If you are in need of a consultation, give our team a call at 443-400-5210. 


#LetYourHomeDoTheTalking: Warning Signs of Needing a New Roof

Missing Shingles Due to Winter & Wind

Missing Shingles Due to Winter & Wind

Warning Signs of Needing a New Roof

Some of the most common misconceptions of not needing a new roof are typically the sayings, “I’m not having any leaks” or “If my roof were leaking, I would see stains on my ceilings”. Both of these hazards are indeed a sign of needing a new roof, but there are many more danger signals that can result in you needing a new roof on your home.

Blistering or Peeling Interior or Exterior Paint

Due to poor ventilation. Moisture gets trapped in the house with nowhere to escape, causing exterior paint to peel and blister. 

Exterior Decay in Sheathing and Siding

Excess moisture is the most popular cause of decay. 

Missing, Curled or Cracked Shingles

If shingles are cracked or easily break, it means they have reached the end of their productive life. 

Dark Streaking on Roof

Some of the most common visual signs of roof damage is vegetation, fungus, mold or algae growth. These visual signs result in dark stains on your roof and sometimes mean your roofing structure is vulnerable.


High Energy Costs

Trapping hot air in your attic is a result of poor ventilation.  It can drive up your household cooking costs and also cause attic moisture that can drip into your insulation, reducing its effectiveness.  


A Leak in the Attic

The best time to check in your attic for a leak is during or after a strong storm. If you see any signs of leaking, it could be the result of damaged shingles, and a deficient underlayment.


Stains on Interior Ceilings and Walls – Mold or Mildew Growth

Moisture trapped inside attic caused by leaks usually results in the appearance of stains and mold on your ceilings or walls in your home.


To take precaution, inspecting most of these issues can be done on your own.  If for any reason you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, NCE Homes can be of assistance. Call us today for a complete inspection of your roof, windows, and siding at 443-400-5210.

#TheNation: NCE Homes Employee Spotlight: Meet Reggie

Reggie Desrosiers, Marketing Representative

Reggie Desrosiers, Marketing Representative

Name: Reginald Desrosiers

Home: Maryland via Massachusetts and Michigan

Education: Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Before NCE Homes: Warehouse Processor, Retail, Fashion Industry and Human Resources

"When I was discovered by NCE Homes it was perfect timing because I was getting to the point where I realized I need to change something. I really wanted to make something of myself and pursue goals I wanted to accomplish in my life. It just really felt like it was the time I needed to do something better for myself. One of my concerns was that I was too introverted for the position – from my days in undergrad I had the stigma of not being a people person. Luckily, the recruiting manager saw the qualities in me and helped me to believe that I could be successful if I dedicate myself to my personal and professional growth.

My experience here at NCE Homes has been extremely supportive of the mission I want to accomplish as a professional. All of my supervisors have been helping me to understand the skills-based mindset, opposed to “you are who you are”. I’ve learned that you can practice and improve on your weaknesses at your own pace and gradually see great results. I’m very proud to say I have seen some great results, as well as just enjoying people a lot more and truly consider myself more of a people person. I really like the culture here because it reminds me of a mix between a family and a sports team environment. I enjoy it because everybody is pretty cordial, but there’s that friendly competition that pushes each of my teammates to be better, which is something I had never experienced before. Due to the expansion of my social skills, I have grown tremendously. This is the type of job where you have to face your fears and insecurities with regards to people because that is how you will eat. This is a field that rewards persistence and diligence, you have to be constantly moving. Although I haven’t always been this way in the past, through external pressure and encouragement from supervisors, I have been slowly learning how to keep at it and I am beginning to see the fruits of my labor. My core values are the pursuit of mastery, pursuit of incremental improvements, integrity and conviction. Fortunately, in the process of getting to know my supervisors I’ve experienced that NCE’s values fall right in line with mine. There’s an alignment here that I am sufficiently satisfied with and I honestly see myself being here pursuing my career with NCE Homes.”