#TheNation: NCE Homes Employee Spotlight: Meet Ian

Ian Zucker, Consultant

Ian Zucker, Consultant

Name: Ian

Home: Gaithersburg, Maryland 


Education: University of Mississippi 


Before NCE Homes: Commercial Real Estate


“I thought that not having a set schedule with commercial real estate would be nice but having to discover all the leads myself was a bit stressful and frustrating. With NCE, our marketing team finds majority of our leads and I have to do is run them. This has made my experience a lot more enjoyable because every day is a new experience. I’m not sitting at a cubicle doing the same exact thing day after day, and here at NCE the potential for growth is much bigger than who I have worked for before. There are many positions I can potentially move into with new branches opening, and the potential for income growth is much larger than many employment opportunities that I’ve ever seen. Coming into this company was really exciting, but I obviously had to learn the ropes because this was a new industry to me. Once I got it down, I truly started to love it because of the daily challenges that helped me to better myself as a person and professional. Working with like-minded individuals has been really rewarding, and with the family-oriented environment here at NCE, it has helped me develop great relationships that I enjoy even outside of work. My core values are treating others like you want to be treated and doing the right thing. This is an industry that has a 68% complaint rate, so it’s a really good feeling to be working for a company that communicates the truth. As a representative, you know what you give them is the best possible thing for their home, it’s great. I can only do what I do because I am actually helping people in the long run. Working for a company like NCE Homes who treats their employees with respect and customers with respect is a huge thing for me.”